1969Established with capital of JPY 5 million; started manufacture of first aid bandages
1972Established the Hydrogel Patch Department
1975Started manufacture of Sankyo Pap (OTC use)
1978Started manufacture of Sankyo Neo Pap (Prescription use)
1979Completed the Himata Plant (Plant No. 1) which is compliant with GMP
1985Completed the General Research Center
1988Completed the Himata Plant (Plant No. 2)
Acquired marketing authorization for the transdermal absorption patch
Adofeed® (the present Adofeed® Pap 40mg for prescription use)
1991Increased the capital to JPY 190 million
Established the Tokyo office
1994Completed the Hisagane Plant in Kamiichi
Started export to Italy and South Africa (TransAct® LAT)
1995Started export to Portugal and Pakistan (TransAct® LAT and Targus® LAT)
Started export of Pain Patch(the present ICY HOT® Patch)
1998Started export to Brazil (Targus® LAT)
2000Increased capital to JPY 458.67 million
2006Acquired manufacturing and marketing authorization for Loxonin® Pap 100mg (for prescription use)
Expanded the Hisagane Plant
2008Acquired marketing authorization for Loxonin® Tape 50mg and 100mg (for prescription use)
Acquired marketing authorization for Adofeed® Pap 80mg
2011Completed the Hisagane Plant (East Plant)
2015Started export of Loxonin® Tape 50mg to China
Acquired marketing authorization for Loxonin®S Pap, Loxonin®S Tape and Loxonin®S Tape L (behind-the-counter products)

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